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United States health and wellness world ranking

  • % of people considered to be obese in the U.S. 35.7% 35.7%
  • % of people in the U.S. who do not get enough exercise each week 80% 80%
  • % of deaths attributed to heart diesease 23% 23%

Welcome to Discovering Health Online!  DWO is meant to be a resource for all things health.  The aim is to continue to inform the public about trends in the health and wellness field.  We will feature products from time to time that are tried and tested to help with a variety of health issues but are either new to the marketplace or lacking in exposure.


Additionally we want to provide value added health and wellness tips and information.  With this goal in mind, will feature guest writers from a variety of disciplines to give their invaluable input on healthy living.  We strive for a healthy America with a country plagued with obesity, over medication, and a laundry list of avoidable diseases and discomforts.  While we understand that there are many factors that play into the health of every individual this information is meant as a guide, not as medical advice.  If you are having issues that are causing you daily interruption we urge you to see your general practitioner or specialist for your condition.


Take it or leave it, we hope to bring value added information for our viewers that will help them on their journey to health and wellness!  So please stop by and share this information with those you know who may be in need or might find it useful or interesting!

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